We can deliver results for you that no other company in Pensacola can

This carpet was soaked with urine

The homeowner just purchased the home and called me as a last attempt before buying new carpet. We were able to remove 95% of the urine spots, plus completely deodorize the carpet. When the realtor saw (and smelled) the carpet before and after we cleaned, she stated "I have never seen anything like this. This carpet almost looks and smells brand new."

Berber problems?

This berber carpet had caked in grease and dirt throughout the living room. We use a special low moisture steam cleaning process to get berber the cleanest it can ever be. After steam cleaning, we often use a cotton pad machine to absorb excess oils. This step is critical in minimizing returning spots on berber. Berber carpet needs to be cared for in a delicate fashion by certified professionals only.

Can you tell which half has been cleaned? These pictures are just a few of the miracles we've worked. Results of this nature can often be accomplished, however, some stains are uncorrectable. We use $15,000 of the best professional equipment to clean your carpet. John Braun, the owner, is a Master Cleaning Technician certified by the Institue of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration. He is certified in the areas of water damage restoration, spot dyeing, carpet repair, odor control, and carpet cleaning. He is one of the most trained cleaning technicians in the Pensacola area.

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