Bi-O-Kleen Cleaning Agents are the least residue,
healthiest cleaning agents available

Over the years we have tried more than eleven different chemical lines. Some chemicals made for carpet cleaning are very harsh on the user and the homeowner. A few of the worst chemicals have caused skin irritation and problem breathing. We at Premium Carpet Care strive to give you the healthiest cleaning agents available. We have been extremely satisfied with the Bi-O-Kleen line and have offered some of their products to our customers.

Spray and Wipe Spot Cleaner

Bi-O-Kleenís non-toxic Spray and Wipe Cleaner uses natural citrus peel extracts, grapefruit seed extract (@ 500 ppm), and cold pressed Valencia orange oil for a broad range of cleaning tasks that will not harm materials such as rubber and vinyl and without harsh or toxic fumes. Instantly deodorizes washable surfaces without harsh or annoying fumes. Excellent for cleaning water-safe surfaces, including stainless steel, chrome, carpet stains, upholstery, laundry stains, toilets, showers, plant leaves, countertops, autos and anything else water safe.
$10 for 32 ounce bottle

Oxygen Bleach

Our unique, all natural, color-safe bleach does more than just brighten colors and whites. Contains natural fabric and water conditioners, detergent boosters with stain, mildew and corrosion fighters. Requires no pre-mixing for use in cold water, and contains no chemical cold-water activators or optical brighteners. Contains no metasilicates, borax, or caustics, chlorine and borine free.
$10 for 2 lb container

Bac-out for Pet Problems

We have tried many different enzymes and Bi-O-Kleen's Bac-out wins the award for being the best at controlling animal urine odors and stains. And the best part about it is that it is completely safe for pets, humans, and most fabrics.
$10 for 1 quart or $30 for 1 gallon

Laundry Detergent for healthier clothes

For cleaner, brighter, fresher and naturally soft results without additives. Works exceptionally well in cold and hard water. Very concentrated, ľ cup per full load, leaving no soap residue or water deposits that can cause skin irritation and diaper rash.. No fillers, all natural 100% active ingredients, free of borine, chlorine, metasilicates, borax, or caustics. Contains color-safe oxygen bleach and grapefruit seed extract. Safe for front loading washers. Up to 50 loads per 5-lb. box, packaged in unbleached corrugated boxes.
$14 for 5 lb box (does 50 loads) $22 for 10 lb box (does 100 loads)

All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser

One of the most concentrated, versatile cleaners on the market. Effective against more kinds of grease and soil. Safe for more types of surfaces and materials than commercial cleaning products. Works powerfully in all kinds of water and at all temperatures, and yet is environmentally safe and biodegradable. The pleasant, natural orange scent makes all cleaning projects in and outside the home a pleasant, effortless experience. Used for kitchens, bathrooms, floors, walls, laundry, hand soap, autos, RVs, boats, and any situation to clean dirt and grease. Also safe and effective produce wash.
$9 for 16 ounce bottle $12 for 32 ounce bottle

Hand Dishwashing Liquid

Rich, long-lasting suds that are tough on grease and baked-on-food long after other products fail. Leaves no residue or bad taste on dishwear. Great hand soap for bathroom and kitchen. Preferred in commercial kitchens. Aloe, grapefruit seed extract, and vitamin E help protect, soothe and moisturize the skin. Great aromatherapy bubble bath, gentle to skin and pleasant to the senses. Kids love the bubbles and parents can be assured kids are soaking in gentle, non-toxic and environmentally safe bubble bath. GREAT FOR PET SHAMPOO.
$7 for 32 ounce bottle

Automatic Dishwasher Detergent

At last a phosphate-free alternative with natural corrosion fighters that requires no pre-washing of dishes. Only 1 tbls. per load gets off tough, baked-on food and grease, while natural oxygen bleach removes stains. Dishes, glass and flatware come out spotless and free of chemical taste or odors. Contains no metasilicates, borax, or caustics. Bi-O-Kleen continues to improve the Automatic Dish Soap to work exceptional in all water condition.
$12 for 2 lb container

To order any of these products, call (850) 474-1133 or email us with the number of items you want and credit card information. We can ship UPS or US Postal Service at your preference. We accept all major credit cards. Pensacola and Mobile area customers pay no shipping if they take delivery of the product at the time of cleaning appointment. All other occasions have a small shipping fee.

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