Natural Stone Cleaning and Polishing

Here's the deal:   You may have chosen the luxurious look of natural stone. Stone floors need maintenance just as carpet. No floor is bulletproof. All natural stone floors need to be polished to keep the natural beauty. We can diamond grind your floor or polish is to a highly polished shine. This process is only done by true professional stone technicians. Of course, the amount of maintenance depends on the floor you have selected. This article will give you some ins and outs in most types of hard surfaces.

Your marble, terrazzo, travertine, or limestone floors are polished with our special weighted floor machine to polish the stone back to a natural long lasting finish.

What Can Be Done With Marble or Stone Floors?

With our professional polishing system, we can erase those ugly etch marks that are caused by juice spills, soda spills, and other acids.

If your floor is unlevel where one stone is uneven with the next, we can level the stone out.

On any natural stone floor, we can polish it so it shines. In some instances, we can make the shine greater than when the floor was first installed.

Different Types of Natural Stone Floors


Terracotta is also known as “Saltillo or Mexican Tile”. Terracotta is one of the oldest ceramic materials made by man. Saltillo is a clay-based product that demands special treatment and finishes which can make maintenance expensive.

Marble is a luxurious floor with beautiful characteristics. Marble can scratch easily, so regular maintenance is necessary to keep the floor looking it’s best. Avoid installing marble in an area where food is served as it is etched by acids contained in drinks and foods. Marble can last for decades. Our expert restoration system can diamond grind and polish your marble back to like new condition.

Granite is an extremely hard natural stone. Waterproofing is recommended, especially when it’s laid in places such as kitchens or bathrooms. Granite can easily last for decades and is the easiest natural stone to maintain.

Travertine is limestone formed in hot springs. It can be polished to look like marble or it can remain coarse. It requires regular maintenance to remove scratches or to maintain a polished appearance. If your travertine has holes that need filling, we can take care of this for you. Travertine can last for decades.

Terrazzo is concrete with chips of marble placed inside. Terrazzo can be polished just like marble with a glossy finish. Some janitorial companies offer waxing of terrazzo which only covers up the natural beauty and requires constant maintenance. We can polish your terrazzo floors to keep it beautiful for years to come.

Note about all natural stone: Many natural stones need to be leveled after installation to get the floor smooth and the tiles on the same level. This will make the floor more valuable as well as prevent tripping on the tiles with lippage.

WARNING: DO NO apply wax to your natural stone floors. This covers up the true beauty of your floor with an artificial synthetic wax. Instead, allow us to polish your floors back to its original beauty. A true polishing system will remove scratches, but also make your floor last longer. In addition, polishing doesn't need to be done as often as if you were to wax your floor. Never let wax touch your expensive stone floors.

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