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Pensacola Best of the BayWhen your home or office is flooded, FAST action is required!

At Premium Carpet Care and Healthy Home Restoration, Inc, we are trained and certified by the Clean Trust and Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoraiton Certification to dry out and restore you building as fast as possible. Water damage restoration done by a professional can greatly minimize the amount of damage moisture can do.

Act FAST! Moisture on carpet wicks into drywall. Moisture inside a wall cavity will have mold growth in as little as 48 hours. If fast action is taken, you can save yourself thousands in repairs and lots of headache.

Call us now and we can do a Thermal Imaging Moisture Inspection to determine where any moisture may be in your carpet, drywall, ceiling, exterior walls or floors. Once we determine the affected area, we'll perform a water damage restoration procedure to quickly dry your home or office and prevent further damage. Professional grade dehumidifiers and air movement equipment are brought in to dry your home or office. Last, we do a final thermal image inspection to make sure the area is dry.

Thermal Imaging InspectionsFlooded House? Do this now

If your home or office was flooded, you can minimize damage if you ACT NOW!

  1. Don't panic!  A flood in your home is a regular occurrence that can be solved. 

  2. Understand your wet carpet is NOT your primary risk.  Your biggest risk is mold growth within wall cavities.  This dark, humid area is a breeding ground for mold, but if you act now, you'll save money and health risks.    

  3. Place plastic under furniture legs.  Use kitchen plastic wrap or cut other plastic to place under the legs.

  4. Use CAUTION not to use any electronic appliance in standing water.  You could get electrocuted.

  5. Call a professional right away.  Water problems only get worse over time and a professional can save you LOTS of money in the long run.  Call us right away at 474-1133.

For after hours, call 390-0700 Or, you can call during business hours at (850) 474-1133 (Pensacola, FL).

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